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Since 2011, Syrian women marrying men online has become popular “There are no young men left in Syria” Many Syrian men have left for neighboring countries Some youth prefer to carry out marriage ceremonies through Skype   “I’m married to […]


At least 13 civilians were killed by the Bashar al-Assad regime in eastern Ghouta, Syria on Saturday, according to a source from the “White Helmets” Syrian Civil Defense group. Regime forces began intensified artillery and air attacks on an area […]


Most of patients are those who have cancer or need emergency surgery 527 babies have died since 2014 227 of them died in the first 10 months of 2017, due to hunger and lack of medicines Eastern Ghouta has been […]


French President Emmanuel Macron said Sunday he thinks ISIS will be defeated in Syria by February and that Bashar Al-Assad must one day answer for his crimes. Speaking to France Two Televisions, Macron said that Assad can be accepted in […]


  Thousands of Chinese jihadist separatists are fighting in Syria Fighting against Assad, the group seeks to raise its global profile and amplify its anti-China campaign The Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP) has received little to no media coverage Their presence […]


  Over 5 million Syrians are living outside their homeland 2011’s uprising activated a sense of national belonging for many The country is now cut by sectarian-ethnic divides Many hope one day Syria can house people of all kinds of political […]


  The level of Syria’s recent engagement with Chechen authorities is unprecedented Syria is partly an extension of Chechnya’s domestic battle between government forces and insurgents Many Chechen Islamist fighters left to Syria in 2014 and joined ISIS Chechen security […]