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Christian worshipers in Iraq’s northern city of Mosul celebrated their first Mass on Sunday since ISIS overran the city in 2014. The Mass was held at the Church of St. Paul in eastern Mosul, said pastor Saad Saliwah. “Our church […]


  Civilians are fleeing from Iraq’s northern Nineveh province following clashes between government forces and Peshmerga Fighting had resumed at dawn Wednesday outside Telasqaf On Tuesday evening, clashes erupted between government forces and Peshmerga north of Mosul, leaving two army […]


  170,000 people have been displaced from Kirkuk by Iraqi forces The government expects more will flee because of violence, torture, looting, burning of homes and property by Iraqi forces Camps will not be set up because officials hope problems […]


  Peshmerga forces give up Sinjar after Iraqi forces secured full control over Kirkuk Sinjar is inhabited by Yazidi Kurds, a non-Muslim Kurdish minority ISIS was driven out of Sinjar two years ago Peshmerga forces also began a withdrawal in […]