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New restrictions came into force in Austria on Sunday banning the wearing of the full Islamic veil and other items concealing the face in public places and buildings. Exemptions “under certain conditions” include items like clown disguises “at cultural events”, […]


Survivors of the 1995 Srebrenica genocide have told Anadolu Agency the catastrophic situation facing Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar reminds them of the trauma they faced during the Bosnian War. “The world is still silent, as it was in Srebrenica,” Muhamed […]


The European Union’s Court of Justice on Wednesday ruled against a challenge by Hungary and Slovakia of the EU’s mandatory relocation of asylum seekers. The two countries defied an EU plan to resettle 120,000 registered refugees across the 28 member […]


The international community should consider imposing a resolution to the conflict in Syria that does not involve President Bashar Assad retaining power, France’s foreign minister said Friday.  A transition “cannot be done” with Assad, “who murdered part of his population […]


The European Court of Justice is due to decide on Wednesday whether to keep Hamas listed as a terrorist organization.The listing is important because it keeps various Hamas funds frozen, limits Hamas from openly doing business in the EU and […]


Against mounting pressure from the United States and Europe, Egypt has taken the step of warning the EU that it “will not compromise on the Qatar issue” according to AFP. Egypt warned the EU on Tuesday that an alliance of […]