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  The number of asylum applicants in France increased by 17 percent last year This number of requests is a first in at least 40 years A third of the 100,412 applicants saw their requests accepted in 2017 40 percent […]


  Macron plans to propose a law censoring misinformation He wants to criminally punish those who publish fake news Platforms will have more responsibility to restrict the spread of false information During election seasons, the government can block such websites […]


  The United States is doing more to help than prevent Iran’s rise For its tough talk, the U.S.’ policies have left vaccums for Iran to fill In Iraq and Syria, Iranian influence grows while U.S. soft power fades The […]


Egypt officially took possession of a new French warship at Lorient Port in France’s Brittany region on Friday, according to reports on Egyptian state television. At an official ceremony, Vice-Admiral Ahmed Khaled, an Egyptian naval commander, hoisted the Egyptian flag […]