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  170,000 people have been displaced from Kirkuk by Iraqi forces The government expects more will flee because of violence, torture, looting, burning of homes and property by Iraqi forces Camps will not be set up because officials hope problems […]


  Peshmerga forces give up Sinjar after Iraqi forces secured full control over Kirkuk Sinjar is inhabited by Yazidi Kurds, a non-Muslim Kurdish minority ISIS was driven out of Sinjar two years ago Peshmerga forces also began a withdrawal in […]


  Iraqi forces have taken “full control” over Kirkuk’s city center as announced late Monday Earlier Monday, the forces reportedly took control over central Kirkuk’s main government headquarters Iraqi authorities imposed a citywide curfew in Kirkuk that was set to […]


Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) President Masoud Barzani met with Iraqi Vice Presidents Ayad Allawi and Osama al-Nujaifi in Sulaimaniyah on Saturday.  According to a statement from Barzani’s office, the three leaders agreed on starting dialogue between Erbil and Baghdad […]


Iraqi forces on Saturday captured the Hamrin mountains in northern Iraq from the Daesh terrorist group, according to the Iraqi military. In a statement, Army Lieutenant-General Abdul-Amir Yarallah said the Daesh-held mountainous ridge has been seized by Iraqi troops and […]