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  80 percent of Syrian refugees in Lebanon want to return home 600,000 have already returned President Aoun said Lebanon’s request for refugees to return will be for their benefit Lebanon has hosted one of largest refugee populations per capita […]


  Many Syrians in Lebanon lack official marriage certificates They usually go to unregistered sheikhs They cannot register their marriages because they lack legal residency This means they cannot register their children’s births or get them Syrian passports and IDs […]


A young woman working in the British Embassy in Lebanon has been found dead in Beirut, according to local police. The body of Rebecca Dykes, 30, from London, was found early Saturday morning on the side of a Beirut highway. […]


  Hariri denied any tension with Saudi Arabia He said he will ensure all parties complied with Lebanon’s policy of dissociation He also said an amnesty law would “soon” be completed and called it “very serious” Hariri also stressed the […]


The United States has announced three new Department of Defense programs for Lebanon to help in its capability to conduct border security and counter-terrorism operations. Copyright © UPI, 2017. All Rights Reserved. read more


Lebanon reopened the Al-Qaa border crossing Friday after a closure of some five years. At a ceremony Thursday to mark the occasion at the northeastern border, General Security head Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim said security cooperation between the two countries […]