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The house-museum of Leopold and Mstislav Rostropovich hosted an event titled “To live means to love. Future without drugs!”, dedicated to one of the main problems of the modern world – drug addiction, Trend Life reports.


During whole our life we hear many stories, we bring up with them, we admire some heroes and find inspiration from others. We know the heroes of the stories from magazines, book, movies and TV. But why do we always […]


JW Marriott Absheron Baku has always been proud of its Sharg Zali ballroom (Şərq Zalı) where since the opening of the hotel more than 150 couples celebrated one of the most important and exciting days in their life – their […]


Ideal beauty has been a heated issue for centuries, as each era and each nation has had its own conception of human beauty.


There’s no place like home. Indeed, coming home after a tough day everyone wants to find a comfort in his/her cozy nest.


“A woman’s place is in the kitchen,” said Aeschylus in 467 BC. Do you agree with him? Do you think that this is the women who should always cook?


The frantic pace of modern life has made us look for a source of additional energy. Today, many young people, teenagers and even adults become energized with drinking a jar of this allegedly cool and stylish energy drinks.


In our lives, we are constantly faced with situations where we need to change something or to do something unusual and new, but the fear of the unknown often prevents us from acting.