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It didn’t take long after the firework smoke cleared in Gaza for some Palestinians to start questioning whether a unity deal between their two most powerful factions would hold. Thousands took to the streets overnight celebrating the pact between Fatah […]


  Private military contractors are being used all over the world in conflict zones Though they are being relied on more and more, they are dangerously unregulated International and domestic laws are under-equipped to prosecute them Their unregulated proliferation and […]


News tells the stories of people, but that can sometimes be muddled with big headlines, dramatized coverage, and an endless flood of hashtag reactions. By putting the week’s news in perspective, we plan to share with our readers how we […]


The U.S. looks set to scrap drone strike safeguards introduced by the Obama administration. Drones will now target low-level terror suspects along with high profile jihadists. The rollback will also mean that high vetting is no longer required to carry […]