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  In 2014, Syria’s Kurdish Democratic Union Party enforced a 40 percent quota of women in all governmental bodies Despite the country’s fall into armed conflict, in 2016 Syrian women still held 13 percent of seats Available data puts female […]


The Burmese scholar said that Aung San Suu Kyi’s leadership has been the direct product of the icon manufacturing by Western media and activists which was intended to give acceptability to what, he believes, is a “military-controlled ethnocracy, wrapped in […]


News tells the stories of people, but that can sometimes be muddled with big headlines, dramatized coverage, and an endless flood of hashtag reactions. By putting the week’s news in perspective, we plan to share with our readers how we […]


Earlier this month three journalists who were previously employed by Egyptian newspaper Youm7 were allegedly dismissed for their opposition to a government deal involving the Red Sea Islands of Tiran and Sanafir.Maher Abdel Wahed, Abdel Rahman Maklad and Medhat Sawfwat […]