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The Syrian government recently allowed only 29 of 600 critically ill patients in Eastern Ghouta to be evacuated in a prisoner exchange. It’s the latest example of the regime using a humanitarian situation as a bargaining chip, writes SAMSpresident Dr. Ahmad Tarakji: […]


Despite the challenges, trepidations and potential setbacks that may happen in the weeks and months of 2018, let us for a moment bask in the sunshine because of the effective elimination or near ejection and eradication of Daesh (the self-proclaimed […]


by Nadine Sayegh   It is no strange fact that prison systems across the world are culpable for producing increasingly violent criminals.  Ideological radicalization and violent extremism are no exceptions to this logic. With strong evidence to support that terrorist […]


Known for her forthright arguments and sense of humour, Roaming Millenial is a popular Youtube personality. She makes the most of a major in political science to bash the media, critique ‘third wave feminism’, and ask complicated questions such as […]