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Four years of failed US policy toward Syria have produced alarming results that transcend the Levant. Having carefully gauged the gap between Obama administration rhetoric and action, Russian President Vladimir Putin has elected to intervene militarily to help the Assad […]


The two speeches at the United Nations General Assembly earlier this week by the Israeli prime minister and the Palestinian president captured the depressing, stalemated and increasingly violent condition of the century-long Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Israelis must judge the policies and […]


Islam is being associated with the evil we witness around us. People in areas controlled by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) are forced to flee and seek refuge from this evil that has befallen them. Islam has […]


One of the books I read on Lebanon when I was first posted to the Middle East was called “A House of Many Mansions”. I remember thinking what an intriguing and enigmatic title it was for a book about a […]


Now that United States President Barack Obama has managed to knock down the arrogant Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, after winning Congressional support for the deal that he negotiated alongside Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany, to limit Iran’s nuclear […]


Turkey, long a beacon of stability in the turbulent Middle East, seems at risk of losing that reputation. After 13 years of single-party rule, the country is on the verge of holding general elections for the second time in less […]