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  Russia withdrew all of its diplomatic staff from Yemen due to ongoing clashes The ambassador to Yemen and others will temporarily work from Riyadh The Russian government hopes external forces can influence parties in Yemen to cease conflict Civilians […]


  The level of Syria’s recent engagement with Chechen authorities is unprecedented Syria is partly an extension of Chechnya’s domestic battle between government forces and insurgents Many Chechen Islamist fighters left to Syria in 2014 and joined ISIS Chechen security […]


  The Syrian ‘de-escalation’ zones were sold as a way to reduce violence and facilitate But violence has persisted and aid to Eastern Ghouta near Damascus is dangerously restricted Meanwhile, Turkey appears to be using the agreement as a way […]


Russian President Vladimir Putin and his American counterpart Donald Trump agreed there was no military solution to the Syrian conflict, the Kremlin said on Saturday. According to a joint statement published on the Kremlin website: “The presidents agreed that there […]


  Russia said it rejects the claim that Syria’s Air Force was in charge of the April chemical attack in Syria The country claims the chemical bomb that exploded left a rectangular-shaped crater, while an airdrop bomb would leave an […]


Russia vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution to extend an investigation into the use of chemical weapons in Syria. Both Russia and Bolivia voted against the resolution to extend the investigation into an April 4 chemical attack on the […]