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Salman Ahmed Shaikh Does faith require abandoning reason, reflecting on the matter, searching for physical answers and finding physical solutions? As per religion, using material means, experimentally proven knowledge and medication is not problematic. For instance, in psychological disorders and […]


Salman Ahmed Shaikh Qur’an is not a book of science. But, to present its basic message, it focuses our attention on different realities, both within our consciousness and in the outside natural phenomena. Modern science has not found any error […]


Salman Ahmed Shaikh Stephen Hawking has recently died after living a difficult life physically, but one which was highly productive in terms of intellectual journey and contributions. While acknowledging the tremendous value of the contribution of Stephen Hawking in Cosmological […]


This book aims to understand the position of science and faith on questions of meaning in existence. Mutual understanding of original views of both camps is necessary for the mutual progress and co-existence of both reason and values in a […]