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The United States will not relieve Sudan’s external debts until the country’s name is removed from the list of the countries that sponsor terrorism, Sudan’s Finance Minister Mohamed Osman Alriakbi said on Wednesday. “I met with many officials in the […]


The United States reportedly preparing to lift sanctions on Sudan, in response to the African state’s alleged improvements on human rights and counter-terrorism, a US official said on Thursday. Copyright @ 2017 The New Arab. read more


A Sudanese military helicopter has crashed in northern Sudan, killing all four people aboard, according to an army statement issued on Wednesday. “An army helicopter crashed immediately after taking off from Sudan’s northern Dongola military airport on Tuesday night,” the […]


A federal appeals court in San Francisco on Thursday ruled to uphold the nationwide injunction that’s blocking President Donald Trump’s executive order to close US borders to certain immigrants and refugees worldwide. Copyright © UPI, 2017. All Rights Reserved. read more


The Sudanese government announced the closure of schools associated with Turkish opposition cleric Fethullah Gulen’s movement which Turkey calls a “parallel state.” The closure is a response to the Turkish government’s request to close the schools, and they will be […]


Violence in areas inhabited mostly by civilians in Sudan has displaced over 200,000 people so far this year, says the United Nations (UN). The UN released the figure in a report on Thursday. The world organization expressed concern about human […]