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Videos show protesters chanting ‘Death to the dictator’ and ‘Death to Rouhani’ Police said 52 people have been arrested as riot police fired tear gas into crowds In one clip, mullah is chanted at aggressively as he walks through angry group […]


  Thousands of Chinese jihadist separatists are fighting in Syria Fighting against Assad, the group seeks to raise its global profile and amplify its anti-China campaign The Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP) has received little to no media coverage Their presence […]


  The United States is doing more to help than prevent Iran’s rise For its tough talk, the U.S.’ policies have left vaccums for Iran to fill In Iraq and Syria, Iranian influence grows while U.S. soft power fades The […]


Known for her forthright arguments and sense of humour, Roaming Millenial is a popular Youtube personality. She makes the most of a major in political science to bash the media, critique ‘third wave feminism’, and ask complicated questions such as […]