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  Over three million children have been born into the Yemen war 5,000 children have been killed or injured in the war 1.8 million children are acutely malnourished 11 million don’t have access to clean drinking water or proper sanitation […]


Diphtheria has claimed 48 lives in conflict-wracked Yemen within the last two months, according to a World Health Organization (WHO) report issued Thursday. The report states that diphtheria-related deaths had been recorded in 19 out of Yemen’s 23 provinces. Another […]


A ballistic missile fired toward Saudi Arabia by Houthi rebels was intercepted and destroyed by Saudi defense forces, according to a government statement. The missile was intercepted over Najran, a city in southwestern Saudi Arabia near the Yemen border. “The […]


Yemen’s Houthi rebel group has reportedly announced that its fighters had launched a “ballistic missile” at a military installation inside next-door Saudi Arabia. “The Houthis’ artillery unit has said a short-range ballistic missile was successfully test-fired at a military target […]


  Nearly 471 people in Yemen contracted diphtheria 46 deaths have been recorded since Tuesday Yemen is facing a critical shortage of medical supplies More than 55 percent of the health facilities do not function   Copyright © 2017 Press TV. […]


  Russia withdrew all of its diplomatic staff from Yemen due to ongoing clashes The ambassador to Yemen and others will temporarily work from Riyadh The Russian government hopes external forces can influence parties in Yemen to cease conflict Civilians […]


  Trump urged Saudi Arabia to lift its blockade on Yemen He stressed that Yemeni people are in need of food, fuel, water, and medicine At least 234 people have been killed in ongoing clashes in Sanaa There is a […]